A legal market for the 21st century using a crowd sourcing model is just the service which large and small organisations alike will use for identifying specialist legal services. As a chairman working across a variety of public and private organisations I am often seeking expert advice, at short notice or with time constraints. I like to know with whom I’m dealing and that their credentials meet my organisation’s needs. With MyAdvice.Legal I will be able to see exactly what services I can expect to receive, exactly who will be providing them and what I can expect to pay. With access to the organisation’s files through an online portal executives will have full visibility with transparent access to what is happening and, should I chose to change advisors, then the file is readily accessible. I am looking forward to the launch of the service.

Dr Lee Mathias

MyAdvice.Legal is another fantastic, disruptive idea that will empower consumers to make more informed decisions. Frequently we find that we need different legal experts for different legal situations, and often a single firm cannot do it all. Therefore, it is great to be able to find the topic-specific experts in such a simple, transparent way.

Dr Claudia Wyss CEO Healthvision

Kevin Kenrick, Chief Executive Officer of TVNZ, on MyAdvice.Legal: “Examples of digital disruption are evident in most industry sectors and MyAdvice.Legal is a bold response to these changing market dynamics. I’d leave it up to our General Counsel but would definitely encourage him to look into MyAdvice.Legal when it’s publicly announced. Mai is a trailblazer who makes things happen, and I wish her and her team all the best with this new venture.”

Kevin Kenrick Chief Executive Officer of TVNZ

Having heard about Mai’s new project to launch an on-line market-place for high quality legal services, MyAdvice.Legal, I can confirm that Partners Life Limited will most certainly become a user of these services. While we already have a terrific working relationship with Chapman Tripp, which will continue into the future, there are a number of areas of law where our staff requires access to very specific industry expertise and MyAdvice.Legal, will make it so much easier for them to do so. Knowing Mai, I know I can have complete confidence in the caliber of the legal professionals she has attracted to her market-place.

Naomi Ballantyne Managing Director | Partners Life Limited

MyAdvice.Legal is a great service to utilise the best legal experts to bid for a particular job. One lawyer is not a specialist in every area, so having access to MyAdvice.Legal gives me the opportunity to have the specialist bid for my work. This is a great innovation and will disrupt the current way of choosing your legal advisor.

Tony Falkenstein Chief Executive | Just Water International Ltd

MyAdvice.Legal provides a platform access to specialist legal expertise and takes the guess work out of finding suitable legal advice. Mai is always ahead of her industry and this facility will no doubt challenge the legal fraternity to provide the best professional service in a timely manner and at a sensible price. Asia Pacific Partners will certainly be an early adopter of this service and Mai congratulations for yet another great introduction.

Adriana Tong Asia Pacific Partners Limited

MyAdvice.legal - New Zealand needs this! After working with Mai over many years I know one of Mai’s biggest motivators is helping people; particularly helping her clients get access to justice. MyTax operates in a challenging legal space and at times requires very specialised help, however we are currently limited by our contacts in finding required skill sets at any given time. MyLegal.advice is a solution for this. Providing a digital platform for legal specialists to pitch to a client’s requirements along with fee transparency is brilliant. It’s industry challenging and disruptive in the right way and, in my opinion, will improve access to justice for all kiwis. I believe it will also encourage the legal profession to further specialise without the risk of limiting job prospects. It’s a win for everyone – Well done Mai.

Lester Binns CEO and Founder | MyTax.co.nz

In the digital and internet age we live in, speed and transparency are paramount. Clients these days have access to information more quickly than ever before, the legal industry needs to be cognizant of this and adapt accordingly. MyAdvice.Legal will be a great vehicle to answer a demand from clients who want to ensure they have the clarity of pricing, speed of service and the ability to be communicated with in a way which respects their needs. With a good variety of legal firms connected in there should be an offer for everyone.

Andrew Barnes Founder | Couthard Barnes

MyAdvice.Legal is the type of innovation that will create significant disruption within the legal industry whilst providing genuine value to the end customer. The use of technology coupled with the concept of crowd sourcing cleverly creates an environment where specialist legal advice is easily accessed. It also facilitates remote and flexible working. Yet again we see an example of Mai Chen innovating within the marketplace and launching a model that will disrupt the current business practice. I would use MyAdvice.Legal and would recommend it to clients.

Louise Bond CEO | PHD New Zealand

Technology as an amazing enabler facilitating disruption of traditional markets. I think MyAdvice.Legal is exciting. It's fresh thinking providing easy and hassle free access to legal providers. This innovation from Mai Chen should also address the information asymmetry that exists by highlighting the breadth of legal service available and the price for legal advice. I’m sure that businesses and indiviuals will find MyAdvice.Legal a great addition to their current suite of legal services.

Rob Hennin Chief Executive Officer | nib New Zealand

When looking for a lawyer to advise on a matter it often comes down to who you know, you ask a colleague, who may know the right lawyer or give you another name and you then ask them and so on. This process does not reliably provide you with the referral you need. Having an online market place that provides you a clear path to the right advice at the right price is a great new resource.

Graham Clarke Chairman of Mycare Limited and Movitae Limited, Investor, Company Director, Advisor.

MyAdvice.Legal offers easy access to a range of legal providers removing a lot of the hassle associated with finding the appropriate legal advice . I think even large companies will find it useful as it provides information on legal capability across all areas including those outside any specialist area pertinent to their core business. Given the profession’s restrictions on advertising capabilities, it provides an overview of the legal market place. It should also improve legal service and the price for legal advice. For us it is a great use of technology as an enabler.

Rebecca Thomas CEO | Mint Asset Management Ltd

“Examples of digital disruption are evident in most industry sectors and MyAdvice.Legal is a bold response to these changing market dynamics. I’d leave it up to our General Counsel but would definitely encourage him to look into MyAdvice.Legal when it’s publicly announced. Mai is a trail blazer who makes things happen, and I wish her and her team all the best with this new venture.”

Kevin Kenrick Chief Executive Officer | TVNZ

The future of service companies isn't in having the most experts or the biggest offices, it's in improving the customer experience end to end. It's awesome to see Mai Chen and the MyAdvice.Legal crew take up that call to action. I can't wait to see where they take it!

Anna Guenther Chief Bubble-Blower | Pledge Me

Sector by sector, disruptive technology is enabling access to information, skills and advice at significantly reduced cost. Finally someone has developed a way to apply this disruptive technology to the legal sector and it is no surprise that it is Mai Chen who has identified the opportunity, developed the solution and has brought it to market. Mai’s entrepreneurial skills are again on display with her impressive new service which is going to reshape the way SME’s in particular access legal advice. MyAdvice.legal will change the landscape for both sellers and buyers of legal advice and I look forward to adding it to my own professional toolbox.

Michelle Boag Director | Boag Allan SvG

MyAdvice Legal is a fantastic initiative that will make accessing a lawyer easy and affordable. No longer do we, the non-legal community, need to be anxious or weary of who to approach. After having had a bad experience with a lawyer in the past, I am relieved that this service is now available and I will be using it, for both my domestic and international concerns. Thank you Mai Chen for establishing this legal market to help the consumers of legal advice.

Christine Clark MHSc. RN. Chair of INRF | Chair of ITENZ

Mai is a pioneer who leads the field once again in an initiative MyAdvice.Legal that will transform the provision of legal services. As a high profile and successful leader Mai is applying her entrepreneurial skills to the provision of legal services for the betterment of all. I will certainly be using MyAdvice.Legal and recommending it to my clients.

Jo Doolan Advisory Board Services | Previously Senior Tax Partner at EY

MyAdvice.Legal is sure to transform the landscape of the legal profession in New Zealand - and who better to conceive of this game-changer than trail blazer Mai Chen. Aggregator portals have disrupted many traditional products & services, while delivering economies and transparency for customers, so MyAdvice.Legal is sure to find an eager market. As a resource constrained SME my company is constantly searching for efficiencies and ease of use so the portal would be a winner for us. I imagine it will be a popular option for all business large and small, without the obstacle of distance to specialist experts, and backed by the surety of the Mai Chen brand.

Karen Knight, MBA Managing Director | Crash Management

Having a business that is always striving to innovate for the benefit of the customer, I was particularly interested in what Mai Chen was launching with MyAdvice.legal. The ability to enable people to have direct contact with legal services that best fit their personal requirements while at the same time having the legal professionals bid for the work via an online platform is not only disruptive but also a win/win for both parties. This is a great innovation that I have no doubt will be very successful. Well Done Mai.

Tim Alpe Chief Jucyfier | Jucy Group Limited

MyAdvice.Legal is going to be an amazing legal service especially for the new migrant business owners who may not have the established business network in New Zealand. The ability to confidently put your legal project forward to a group of New Zealand’s top lawyers to bid on in a transparent and accountable manner will be a game changer. I will definitely be using this service and advising my new migrant business associates the same. Well done Mai on launching such a service that will benefit businesses both in metropolitan and regional New Zealand.

Bharat F Guha Chief Executive | www.futurecol.ac.nz

My Advice.Legal is a very good tool. Oregon will definitely use it for sourcing specialty expert advices outside those already provided by its existing legal firms.

Thomas Song Managing Director | Oregon Group Limited

Mai Chen is a leader in the New Zealand legal industry, she has seen the future of legal advice in New Zealand and has identified the need for a marketplace where lawyers and potential customers can meet in an efficient and trusted forum. This concept is very timely, it will be disruptive in the market. I know that Mai has the knowledge and mana to make this platform a success and we look forward to using the service as well as recommending it to others.

Simon Falconer Managing Director and Founder | Resolve Technology

I am committed to a strong, efficient and transparent legal framework for benefit of New Zealand economy and prosperity. Many private, public or charitable organisation will often seek expert advice, at short notice and without unduly inordinately processes. With MyAdvice.Legal they will understand exactly what services and credentials are required to meet their organisation’s or their own personal needs. Mai, congratulations. I am looking forward to using MyAdvice.Legal.

Faith Ming Lim Independent Director | Gisborne Holdings Limited, Independent Director | Tawhareparae Farm Limited, Head of Titan NZ Funding Trust

Innovation through leveraging technology is becoming a game changer for providing legal services. MyAdvice.Legal is a great new innovation by Mai Chen that will make accessing a lawyer easy and affordable. This new initiative will help disrupt the legal market and redefine how legal services are delivered. I am sure MyAdvice.Legal will continue to place Mai Chen at the forefront of legal innovation in New Zealand.

Andrew King Founder of LawFest & E-Discovery Consulting

It’s time for democratisation of professional services and there’s no better place to start than with the legal profession. Online platform marketplace access to all types of legal services will give clients more choice and flexibility. It will also allow law firms and specialists to reach a wider audience. MyAdvice.Legal is less about disruption, and more about embracing the opportunity to establish new ways of doing personalised, mass customised, business.

Mark Jeffries Founder/Managing Director | Mycare.co.nz

I have worked with Mai on NZAL and SuperDiverse Women and she has shown to be an innovative entrepreneur who is never satisfied with the ‘status quo’ – MyAdvice.Legal is a great new proposition that not only has the potential to disrupt the traditional legal ecosystem but meet a true customer need. Whether you are a consumer or a business, easy access to legal services when you need them is critical – so being able to access a range of legal professionals on-demand through a single portal like MyAdvice.Legal will deliver convenience, choice and simplicity everything that people now expect in the digitally enabled market place we live in.

Carolyn Luey GM | Enterprise Solutions & NZ

Migrants, particularly new migrants, always find it hard to get the right lawyer. They simply don’t know who is who, whether a lawyer is the best expert for their situation, or if they have they been over charged. MyAdvice.Legal will provide a platform to search who is out there. It guarantees that lawyers will respond to client calls within 24 hours. This is particularly helpful when living or traveling overseas. I am really looking forward to using this system for myself and my clients.

Dr Xiaoying Fu MD | EIT Consulting

As one of the leading public law specialists I have no doubt that Mai Chen, with this innovative approach to legal advising, will provide an excellent and efficient service to clients. I am looking forward to utilising this advisory resource.

Dr Andrea Vujnovich General Counsel | AUT

The world is moving fast and regardless of which sector we are in its essential to keep us with the opportunities that are being offered to us, particularly in the digital space. I have admired Mai’s ability to get ahead of the curve and develop and front innovations in New Zealand. Mai’s entrepreneurial and fearless leadership skills have led to an innovation which has the potential to shape the way that organisations in the not for profit and community sector can access high-quality legal advice. MyAdvice.legal has the potential to significantly enhance the capacity and capability of the social sector.

Jennifer Gill CEO | Foundation North

MyAdvice.Legal is an innovative service that gives all potential clients equal opportunity and process to select the lawyer that is right for them from a wide range of legal professionals. Such a service makes excellent sense.

Dame Rosie Horton

Intellectual Property is a challenging area of law that requires specialist knowledge in order to give the best advice to clients who will range from well-resourced corporates to individual copyright owners who seek redress when their rights have been infringed. MyAdvice.Legal will be especially valuable for individual copyright owners who are not familiar with the legal system to be able to discover and engage with lawyers with the best legal knowledge and appropriate services to meet their needs. MyAdvice.Legal will make legal advice more accessible to those who are not familiar with working with a lawyer, as well as enabling those who need advice in a specialist area such as copyright, to find the right person/firm for the service they need.

Paula Browning Chief Executive | Copy Right Licensing Limited

Customer-centric businesses look at how they can add value across a user spectrum. We are seeing democratisation of the business and service industry with the increased prevalence of platform business models and MyAdvice.legal looks like it can help make quality legal services accessible to anyone. Congratulations Mai.

Priti Ambani Co-Founder/COO | The Next Billion

Congratulations to Mai and her team. At the cutting edge of disruptive innovation Mai’s new idea of B to C (Business to Customer) MyAdvice.Legal has got to be good. Mai has been a successful business woman herself and thus understands the needs of the customer. As one of the best in the legal fraternity, Mai’s customers know where to go to get the best advice. Mai is innovative and has always had people at the centre of everything she does. She established Asian Leaders and Diverse Women - both very successful forums for building relationships and sharing ideas to improve the wellbeing of our nation. I wish her and her team all the best.

Meng Foon Mayor

With the constant move toward digital platforms MyAdvice.Legal is at the forefront of innovative expert legal services in New Zealand. The bid factor and fee transparency ensures I receive the exact service for my specific needs. Mai is a leader in positive innovation and disruption for the betterment of Our country, therefore we can all be assured the highest quality of law, service and execution. MyAdvice.Legal is timely and a refreshing answer to a traditional model that is outdated.


MyAdvice.Legal is a great new idea which adds value for buyers of legal services and suppliers alike. I expect this marketplace will attract many users because it is a very efficient way of matching legal problems with high quality solutions. All the best with this new venture Mai.

Graeme Wong

Mai Chen is a trailblazer in everything she does! With MyAdvice.Legal she has done it again – created an initiative that will meet a real need for access to specialist legal skills in an innovative way, harnessing the power of technology.

Theresa Gattung

Congratulation to Mai Chen for instigating an innovative online legal marketplace which will revolutionise the way that customers can select their legal advisors. MyAdvice.Legal will be very helpful for recent migrants and not-for -profit organisations to find lawyers with the detailed knowledge and experience that will suit their particular requirements and at an economic cost which is visible up front. I would certainly recommend this new website to all my networks as being a fair and equitable system for all concerned.

Kai Luey Chairman | Auckland Chinese Community Centre Inc

As a founder of a startup, MyAdvice.Legal would be a fantastic tool to help me find qualified and experienced legal advice on a limited budget. Too often, I hear stories of startup disasters that could have been avoided had legal advice been sought. This customer-centric approach to legal advice is sure to be a lifesaver for many New Zealand business owners. Not only will My Advice. Legal provide value to the customer, it will also provide remote and flexible working opportunities for many qualified lawyers. As someone who works in the women in business space, too often I hear of stories of highly qualified and talented New Zealanders being unable to find work that is both suitable for their area of expertise and provides a work/life balance. Many qualified New Zealanders who have tremendous value to add are falling through the cracks as they are unable to commit to the corporate work-day. MyAdvice.Legal with its flexible working hours could be part of the solution and provide a Win/Win for all involved. I look forward to My Advice.Legal taking the legal world by storm!

Alexia Hilbertidou Founder | GirlBoss New Zealand

Legal advice seeking can be daunting for the NGO/Charity sector not only because of the expense involved but also because of a lack of broad experience in engaging lawyers. Mai’s innovative use of technology via MyAdvice.Legal will foster accessibility and transparency in the advice seeking process. Both help seekers and help givers stand to benefit. The specialist and challenging nature of the work undertaken by the NGO Social Service sector demands some very particular legal knowledge and I perceive that MyAdvice.Legal will make this much easier to find. The 10 Promises set a great tone for the engagement and the Pro Bono possibilities will be terrific news for many in the Charity sector.

Maggie Tai Rakena Manager of the START Trust

MyAdvice.Legal will create a platform and market-place to facilitate contact, matching of requirements and capabilities, and service delivery in a transparent, timely and efficient manner. This project will fulfil an identified need. This is an innovative application of technology for professional services. I am confident the platform will create a win-win for people needing services and those capable of providing them. I would encourage people needing legal services, and legal service providers, to use MyAdvice.Legal and benefit . Well done Mai on this disruptive solution, I am sure MyAdvice.Legal will be well received.

Jai Basrur CGB Consulting Limited

As every other service we can imagine is transitioning online - from Doctors visits to therapy - it’s really overdue that the legal profession does too. Mai’s service could make such a difference for businesses both big and small as well as individual solo operators, non profits and entrepreneurs. Anything that makes legal advice more accessible, faster, less expensive and simpler for more people is a good thing.

Derek Handley

For small businesses getting legal advice is always a challenge, you hope you don’t need it often but this also means that you don’t have a strong relationship with a legal team. Often you will only have needed legal advice in some specific areas such as a property lease or purchase agreements so when something unusual arises your current legal supplier may not have the right expertise or experience. Mai’s new initiative, MYAdvice.Legal, provides a great pathway for small businesses to be able to “shop” for the appropriate expertise and to ensure the price they pay reflects the market rate. The backing of the MyAdvice.Legal “10 customer promises” also provides some comfort in terms of standards and service the client will receive.

Cathy Parker CEO Adrenalin Publishing Ltd, Publisher NZBusiness + Management magazines

Myadvice.legal is a great example of digital disruption in action. This approach to acquisition of services is exactly what consumers of today are seeking, it provides access to a wide range of experts without the need to search the market for providers whilst offering potential for an improved customer experience. This is great initiative Mai, we will certainly be using the service should the need arise. All the very best with the new venture!

Desirée Botica CEO NZ/AU

Mai’s solution for people seeking legal advice cuts through the challenges many find when navigating their way through the legal profession endeavouring to find the right expertise. And for those who may feel unsure in making the right decision and using this new tool, what better person than a well-known lawyer, author, and key commentator to be behind this new innovation to help them overcome some of these concerns. A great match of today’s technology and a client need.

Janine Smith Executive Director and Principal, The Boardroom Practice Limited

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