support Need help with MyAdvice.Legal?  See below our frequently asked questions which may answer your queries. Have a suggestion? let us know! Looking for our legal information? It's all available under the Legal Information tab below.

What if i do not know what area of law my legal problem is about?

The site can also guide you to the right legal area. Just start describing your legal problem and the site will direct you to the right lawyer(s) by asking you to click options.

 Do I have to pay anything to use MyAdvice.Legal?

It is completely free for clients to register with MyAdvice.Legal.  MyAdvice.Legal will not charge you anything to use the site either.  You will pay any lawyer you engage directly.

What if I do not want to hire any of the lawyers that put a bid in for my legal problem or issue?
You can reject all bids.

When will I get the full contact details of the lawyer I select to advise me on my legal problem?
When you have accepted their bid and agreed to enter into a solicitor/client relationship for a certain budget for the legal advice.

Can I specify a deadline for when I need legal advice?

Can I specify a time by which I want bids from lawyers so I can make a decision

What if I cannot afford to pay for legal advice?
You can click the icon for pro bono advice and we will match you with any lawyers who want to provide pro bono advice in the legal area you need help in.

What if a lawyer I hire breaks the 10 customer promises?
Let us know and we will take it up with them. If the lawyer will not comply, then we reserve the right to ask them to leave the site.

What if the lawyer I chose does not give me good advice?
You are responsible for choosing your lawyer however if you have any issues with any lawyer you choose to engage you can contact the New Zealand Law Society's Lawyers Complaints Service on 0800 261 801.

What if I agreed a budget with my chosen lawyer which in hindsight I think is too high?

You are responsible for agreeing with your chosen lawyer and have to take responsibility for that.

How does it work?

It's a simple four-step process.  A client registers on MyAdvice.Legal and provides a description of their legal problem.  This "instruction" will be made available to those Lawyers registered on the site with relevant expertise.  The lawyers can then submit a description of the legal services they propose to address the client's problem, along with an estimate of legal fees and other costs.  These "bids" are then considered by the client and they may choose which one to accept.  

Why should I register with MyAdvice.Legal as a Lawyer?
You can only submit bids if you are registered as a Lawyer with MyAdvice.Legal. Our lawyers agree and adhere to the 10 customer promises.

In return, you will get exposure to clients nationwide, and they can find out about your expertise and experience.

Why would clients be drawn to MyAdvice.Legal?

  • Clients can find the best lawyer with the expertise and experience to fix their legal problems on MyAdvice.Legal;
  • Clients will have the peace of mind that all lawyers registered on MyAdvice.Legal adhere to the 10 customer promises;
  • Clients can be confident of the best price as lawyers have to bid for their instructions;
  • Clients do not pay for the use of MyAdvice.Legal - they will only pay for the legal services which they have accepted a bid on;
  • Clients get their own encrypted portal to safely store their documents and legal advice;
  • Clients can access lawyers on MyAdvice.Legal who are prepared to give pro bono advice; and
  • Clients can review and rate lawyers that they have used on the site

We want your feedback if there is anything we have missed, or that will improve the site!  You can send this feedback to [email protected]  

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