Mai Chen: Throwing a rock at the tiger - accelerating your ability to adapt

Mai Chen, Managing Partner of Chen Palmer and Chair of the Superdiversity Centre for Law, Policy and Business, recently spoke at TEDxAuckland on throwing rocks at tigers.

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Can a business reject customers based on religious beliefs or sexual orientation?

Stuff, 10 July 2018

Can a business reject customers based on religious beliefs or sexual orientation?


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Zong-Pei Zhao: Talks about Neighbourly Disputes

Zong-Pei Zhao, Special Counsel at Chen Palmer Partners, was invited to appear on WTV to talk about various neighbourhood disputes and the law.  Topics on the Fencing Act 1978, noise control, drones and privacy were discussed.  There... Read more

Knowledge and skills in cultural diversity is essential to ensure relevance as New Zealand continues to transform

Cultural capability (CQ) has become a critical competency in the 21st century as customers and the talent pool becomes increasingly diverse. IQ and EQ are no longer enough:

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Many more men granted essential skill work visas than women

More than twice as many men are granted the 'essential skills' visa to work in New Zealand than women are, statistics reveal.

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Let’s get a Binding Ruling from the IRD

Binding rulings can provide certainty on the tax position for a wide range of transactions, from complex financing transactions to land subdivisions. They provide certainty about how Inland Revenue will... Read more

How to Make Work Stress Work For You

When you sit back down at your desk after a holiday, you ought to be chilled by the break — but it’s not unusual to feel stressed. The work you didn’t finish before you left is now overdue, while the week ahead means cramming extra h... Read more

Marina Matthews talks to Radio 531pi on why businesses should get the CQ Tick

Radio 531 pi  – March 19, 2018

Marina Matthews, Superdiversity Centre of Law Policy and Business, spoke to Brian Sagala of Radio 531pi about what businesses should get the CQ Tick

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教育业是新西兰的一大支柱产业,新西兰本着开放的心态欢迎全世界所有地方的留学生;同时新西兰也承诺向海外留学生提供高质量的教育。新西兰除了八所公立大学以外,还... Read more

In house lawyer ranks continue to grow

The following article appears in NZ Law Society :

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There has been a lot of interest in the Chinese community as to what the CPTPP (Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership), signed in Chile on 9 March 2018, meant to New Zealand.Read more



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Successes at MyAdvice.Legal

Since launching, MyAdvice.Legal has been successful in matching many clients with the best lawyers at the most reasonable price.

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Zong-Pei Zhao, Special Counsel, Chen Palmer Partners discussed the new policies proposed for compulsory and tertiary education by the Labour-led government. 

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Top legal tips for small businesses

Published in OPINION: 

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The law guru Mai Chen offers 'legal Tinder' service in Mandarin to help Chinese Kiwis

Chen says the subtleties of NZ law and culture can be lost in translation and can impact on immigrants who are having trouble with the law.

Well, that's just the kind of request lawyer Mai Chen has had to reject from clients who have r... Read more

Remote-working guidelines released

The New Zealand Law Society has released guidelines for working remotely.

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Today, MyAdvice.Legal launched its official Chinese version of the website in response to demand from many new migrants who cannot speak English and are requiring legal advice in their own language.Read more

10 Signs That You're Ready for a Leadership Role

10 Signs That You're Ready for a Leadership Role

The law has plenty of scope for leadership and the ability to identify those with leadership abilities is something that can ma... Read more

MyAdvice.Legal successfully matched Chinese client with Chinese lawyer

Myadvice.Legal’s most recent successful match for a client needing legal advice concerns employment and criminal law issues.


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Stolen law firm information circulates in dark web

Around 1.6 million hacked, leaked, or stolen email addresses and credentials from the United Kingdom's top 500 law firms are circulating online in the dark web.

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Legal eagle gives migrants more legal choices through technology

The number of migrants in New Zealand has been growing for the past decade and in particular the last five years.  This includes Indian migrants, although Indians have been in New Zealand a long time, and many are now 2... Read more

Consumer Guarantees

Published on Video on Demand

Zong-Pei Zhao, Special Counsel, Chen Palmer Partners discussed the various guarantees in respect to the supply of goods and remedies on WTV television

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Changes to Employment Law

The Government has announced a new Bill to Amend the Employment Relations Act 2000. The proposed Bill will result in a number of changes to employment l... Read more

Analysis for Chinese community about the proposed changes to foreign investments on properties

Zong-Pei Zhao, Special Counsel, Chen Palmer Partners discussed the current Overseas Investment Act regime and the proposed amendment Bill currently before Parliament on WTV, 19 December 2017.  This is a hot topic within the Chinese communi... Read more

Women lawyers now in the majority

24 January 2018

The New Zealand legal profession now has more women lawyers than male lawyers.

The New Zealand Law Society s... Read more

Three basic tips for every employer

It is really easy for employers to get caught out in employment issues because they have failed to complete some simple legal requirements.

If you want to ensure you are covered for employment problems that commonly a... Read more

What does it cost?

MyAdvice.Legal only charges your chosen lawyer a subscription of $199 plus GST per month when you have accepted their bid.

We also charge a 2.5% ministratio... Read more

When will I get the full contact details of the lawyer I select to advise me on my legal problem?

When you have accepted their bid and agreed to enter into a solicitor/client relationship for a certain budget for the legal advice.

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Do I have to pay anything just to have a look on MyAdvice.Legal?

Using the marketplace service on MyAdvice.Legal is free for clients.  However, just looking will not give you the names or contact details of the lawyers who have relevant expertise to advise on your legal problem.

... Read more

What if i do not know what area of law my legal problem is about?

MyAdvice.Legal has 33 subjects that you can click on to help you.

The site ( can also guide you to the right legal area.

Just start d... Read more

Health and Safety at Work

Published on Video on Demand

Zong-Pei Zhao, Special Counsel, Chen Palmer Partners discussed the applicability of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015; duties of PCBUs, officers, workers, and other persons at workplaces; ... Read more

Chief Ombudsman and his provisional opinion on coalition document

Following a complaint to the Office of the Ombudsman, the Chief Ombudsman Peter Boshier announced at the beginning of this month that he will be investigating the Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern’s refusal to rel... Read more

Nick Russell: Overseas Investment: Changes Afoot for (Nearly) Everyone

The details aren’t all out yet, but it is clear the new Labour – NZ First – Green Government is going to make substantial changes to New Zealand’s regulatory regime for overseas investors. The change which has attracted the most attention is... Read more

Mai Chen: Should be Doing Justice for those killed in the CTV Building collapse

The decision by the Police not to prosecute for the collapse of the Christchurch CTV building in 2011 has sparked discussion about whether reforms are needed to the Crimes Act.

Deci... Read more

Marina J. Matthews :What is the difference between ‘Coalition’ and ‘Confidence and Supply’ agreements

As the ink dries on New Zealand Labour Party coalition agreement with New Zealand First, and confidence and supply with the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand, what is the difference between a ‘coalition’ agreeme... Read more

Arran Hunt : Moving law into the future

Law is becoming more specialised. With MyAdvice.Legal, the days of your the neighbourhood lawyer handling all of your legal requirements are numbered. Instead, clients are demanding specialists, lawyers who are truly masters of ver... Read more

Mai Chen : The Weinstein scandal is no surprise to this prominent NZ employment lawyer

This article was first published in the October 28, 2017 issue of the New Zealand Listener.

Anyone who s... Read more

Corinne Cole: Clearing your trade mark for adoption

No matter how good you think your brand, logo, business name, or product name may be, it will all be for nothing if it is already registered and/or in use by another trader.  Taking the time to check to see i... Read more